Jin Zhou is the hometown of Chinese Ya Pear. People who lived there are simple and honest. The plantation resources are affluent and ecosystem is advantageous. Great Wall owns 10 registered orchards with total amount of 1,094 mu. It includes 8 registered pear orchards, 1 registered apple orchard and 1 registered grape orchard. We are preparing a new program—vegetable greenhouse, which will be started in this year. The first-stage construction will be 2,000 mu.
     The growers grow up in the orchards. They are experienced. Besides, they get professional training regularly. They grow and govern strictly under the control of Hebei CIQ and other authorities. All fruits keep safety and pollution-free.
     Our orchards have passed the professional inspections; the products can export to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc. In order to improve the tasty and the nutrition value, we devote ourselves to breed and import new varieties.


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